Bungie Offers No Comments on Missing Destiny 2 Content

Though the reception of the Destiny 2 ‘s Season of the Deep has been mostly positive, gamers are still not content with the lack of some content from the Lightfall DLC, with no explanation from Bungie. Additionally, the game’s premium currency store, Eververse, has plenty of new items which is further aggravating the situation.

The combination of these issues has caused the Destiny 2 playerbase to be dissatisfied with how Bungie is dealing with monetization. Furthermore, the new Destiny armor sets for Playstation that were released during the Season of the Deep cannot be purchased with Bright Dust. All the community is looking for is a response from Bungie.

A trailer for Destiny 2 released by Bungie recently has validated recent reports of significant leaks regarding the game. The video gives us a look at the fate of the iconic character Cayde-6, as well as a glimpse of a mysterious valley and a mysterious figure known as the “Time Witness”.

The main problem that Destiny 2 players are facing is the lack of ritual armor that was promised with the Lightfall DLC. Previously, Bungie had stated that each yearly DLC would include a whole set of activity armor, yet they have yet to deliver. Players are now requesting an explanation on why this is the case and point to the regular releases of Eververse cosmetics as a sign of Bungie choosing to focus on monetization opportunities instead of keeping their word.

The player base has been trying to get some answers from Bungie via their new Destiny 2 community manager tags and handles, but it seems those have gone unnoticed. It’s not hard to understand why since whatever the community managers say, it’s probably going to make people unhappy. The situation could have been improved if Bungie had given a proper explanation earlier, but that opportunity has now been lost.

Though the public has not yet become outraged about Bungie’s silence on the matter, further outcry could occur if they do not address the issue. At the moment, threads related to the absence of ritual armor renewal and Bungie’s failure to explain the situation are commonplace, often surpassing threads about Destiny 2 ‘s Season 21 features and so on.

The Destiny 2 fandom is not only disappointed in Bungie’s lack of communication on money-related topics and content, but also about the Veil questline. This questline is currently restricted by a timegate, meaning that those enthusiastic about the lore of Destiny will need to wait several weeks before they can access the entire story.

Destiny 2 can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.