Dead by Daylight Update 6.7.1: Fixes for Crashes and Bugs

The developers of Dead by Daylight have released update 6.7.1 and it’s packed with bug fixes to ensure players get the experience they were expecting. In the recent past, Dead by Daylight saw update 6.7.0, and this patch is no different with its many bug fixes covering characters, bots, animations, and much more.

Since its 2016 launch, Dead by Daylight has become a beloved title among asymmetrical game fans. The game enables players to step into the shoes of characters from popular franchises, such as Scream and A Nightmare on Elm Street, as they attempt to complete tasks to avoid a menacing killer. Many players consider the game to be a great cooperative experience, attributed to its intense gameplay, chaotic environment, and killer characters. These features help to make Dead by Daylight stand out from other horror-themed titles.

The Dead by Daylight Twitter account recently released the 6.7.1 patch notes, going into detail on the bug fixes made with the update. The patch included repairs on issues with characters, environment, special effects, level design, and more. Unlike the last update, this was strictly to fix bugs, so players should not anticipate any new content.

Dead by Daylight has seen several bug fixes, including one that resolved the issue of slow frame rate when certain actions were performed. This was an important change, as small movement advantages can be the difference between life and death for survivors. Additionally, the game’s developer resolved several crashing issues that could occur when players reached level 50 in the Bloodweb, completed a trial, used the Bloodweb, and even when starting the game on PS4.

The patch provides players with a smoother experience as survivors or killers in Dead by Daylight by resolving crash issues and performing level design optimizations. Consequently, gamers should expect some of the game’s killers to dominate matches more often following the implementation of the patch, leading to an even more enjoyable experience.

Patch Notes for the 6.7.1 Update to Dead by Daylight

Amending Issues


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  • When both Bots are under the effects of The Mastermind’s Uroboros Infection, they no longer have a tickle fight when they attempt to spray First Aid Sprays at each other.
  • When facing The Dredge, Bots are more likely to put a lock on the lockers.
  • When playing on Rancid Abattoir, they will not continuously vault a window when trying to Unhook.


The protagonists of the story are the characters who are featured in the narrative.

  • No more VFX issues can be seen on The Oni during Intro Camera, Mori, and Score Screen.
  • When switching between Cosmetics, VFX issues no longer appear on The Ghost Face.
  • Smoke VFX is no longer visible when switching between certain locked Cosmetics.
  • The animation of The Skull Merchant destroying a Pallet has been fixed and now plays out as intended.
  • An issue where The Spirit would jitter in the air instead of falling continuously when vaulting from a high location and falling to the ground has been resolved.
  • Hitting a Survivor with The Knight’s Guardia Compania now resets Play with Your Food tokens as expected.
  • The Wraith’s body no longer obstructs the Flashlight beam when cloaked.
  • When the teleport is triggered right after the Survivor starts solving the Lament Configuration, The Cenobite can no longer teleport far from the Survivor.
  • An issue that caused some of the cosmetic VFX to disappear while playing a match has been fixed.
  • When The Huntress was equipped with the ‘Night Owl’ customization set, an issue causing the kicking animation for breaking pallets and generators to be offset was addressed.
  • Clipping between The Huntress’ arm and the Killer’s POV when throwing a hatchet while falling has been remedied.
  • When a Survivor starts healing another Survivor immediately after unhooking them, an issue causing them to be positioned in a way that would cause clipping has been fixed.
  • The Spirit’s hands no longer duplicate momentarily when releasing the Killer Power at the last second while charging, as the issue causing them to flash blue has been resolved.
  • When equipped with the Combat Straps Add-On, an issue causing The Pig’s crouch and uncrouch animation to not be shorter has been fixed.

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  • Turn off an optimization in animation that resulted in sluggish or low-frame rate animations in particular scenarios.

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  • An issue concerning collision in the stairs of the boat in Blackwater Swamp’s Pale Rose map was addressed.
  • A problem related to navigation around the outside of the killer shack on all maps was fixed.
  • Resolved an issue on The MacMillan Estate Groaning Storehouse map in which the killer was able to block access to the staircase to the basement.
  • An issue on The MacMillan Estate Suffocation pit map wherein the killer could obstruct access to the staircase to the basement was solved.

Storing of Documents

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  • The “Salvation or Sacrifice” challenge no longer gives an undesired bonus point when a Survivor is hooked during the End-Game Collapse.
  • Issues related to the Core Memory challenges have been addressed:
    • Fragments of memory no longer spawn too close to the Player spawn points or each other.
    • After another player interacts with it, the memory portal is no longer on display.
    • The Demogorgon is unable to gather memory fragments while in the Upside Down.
    • When Victor is in play against The Twins, Survivors cannot interact with the memory portal while incapacitated.
    • There have been numerous fixes concerning the Survivor’s visibility and interaction with memory fragments and memory portal, when Victor is unbound near other Players.
    • The Killer is not able to mess with the memory portal while carrying a Survivor.
    • The audio feedback when collecting a memory fragment was playing only once instead of for each one. This has been fixed.
    • The Knight cannot collect memory fragments while creating a patrol path for a Guard.
    • There was an inconsistent page change sound in the Archive. This has been rectified.
    • An issue was present where the Killer’s camera had unintended movements when interacting with the memory portal. This has now been remedied.

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  • When equipping the Judith’s Tombstone Add-On, the noises of Survivors resisting are no longer absent in The Shape’s Mori.
  • After being healed while located in The Skull Merchant’s Drone detection area, the Survivor’s grunts will no longer linger.
  • An issue where the same Item purchase sound would be repeated multiple times while auto-filling the Bloodweb has been remedied.
  • The sound effects for the skull merchant’s body cleaver weapon were not present, which has now been rectified.
  • An issue where no sound would be produced when clicking on the Perk Preview UI button has been resolved.
  • An issue where the Memory Of Maurice outfit for The Dredge had no added horse sound effects has been fixed.

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Designing at a certain level of difficulty is known as Level Design.

  • Nurse can no longer teleport out of bounds on the Raccoon City Police Station Map.
  • Collision issues in Red Forest Realm have been rectified.
  • Fixed problems in Ironworks of Misery where some killers were unable to utilize their powers on places unreachable to survivors.
  • Zombies should no longer be stuck on railings in Father Campbell’s Chapel.
  • Resolved an issue in Groaning Storehouse where Killers could not pick up Survivors.
  • Adjusted the positioning of the dark mist on Shattered Square map.
  • Zombies should no longer be stuck in Temple of Purgation.
  • Zombies should no longer be stuck on Dead Dawg Saloon.
  • Global issue where debris from Pallets would clip into the ground has been improved.
  • Enhanced Hooks situation in Badham Preschool so as not to negatively impact Killers.
  • Clipping assets in Temple of Purgation have been removed.
  • An impassable area in Badham Preschool has been eliminated.
  • Fixed an issue in Gas Heaven which added mist around the Gas Station.
  • Resolved an issue in Mount Ormond Resort that stopped The Nightmare from placing Dream Snares around the building.
  • The Skull Merchant can no longer block doorways with Drones in Father Campbell’s Chapel.
  • The Demogorgon can no longer jump on top of metal piles in Gas Heaven.
  • Zombies can now move between cars in Haddonfireld.
  • Fixed an issue in Midwich Elementary School where Victor could stand in an unreachable position on top of metal shelves.
  • Characters should no longer be blocked in front of a cart in Shattered Square.
  • Killers can no longer land on top of a Hook in Midwich Elementary School.
  • Fixed an issue in Badham Preschool where the Killer could not grab a Survivor working on a Generator.
  • Resolved an issue in Dead Dawg Saloon where a collision was preventing Killer navigation near the bar.
  • Zombies now navigate more efficiently in Temple of Purgation.
  • Fixed a situation in Treatment Theatre where Killers were body blocked near a hook.
  • The Nightmare’s Dream Snares can no longer be placed on the walls of the mine in Suffocation Pit.
  • Mist now appears as intended on the Raccoon City Police Station Map.
  • Arranged for trees to dissolve as intended when the Entity sacrifices a survivor on different maps.
  • Dark mist should now appear properly in the Gas Station.
  • Fixed an issue where killers could stand on the rocks of the hills in Crotus Prenn maps.
  • Faux-Appels should no longer affect the players near the exit gates in Shattered Square.
  • Players can now vault on the side of the Pale Rose Boat.
  • Players should no longer be blocked in the basement stairs, Shattered Square.
  • Trapper’s Trap should no longer appear near the fences, Shattered Square.
  • Players should no longer be blocked in the basement in the west wing of the Raccoon City Police Station map.
  • Nurse can now blink properly in the shrimp boat.
  • Fixed an issue that blocked the window in the Myers House and created a dead end.
  • Killer should no longer be able to jump on a pile of wood in the Mine map.

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User Interface

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  • No longer is it possible to accept and decline the Privacy Policy at the same moment.
  • An issue leading to a crash after passing Level 50 in the bloodweb has been addressed.
  • It is now possible to hide another player’s name after having shown it when the Hide Other Player Names setting is active.
  • The bloodpoint cost displayed on the tooltip is now highlighted in red when there’s an inadequate amount of bloodpoints.
  • A bug causing the red outline of the center button to remain after the automatic purchasing of a bloodweb level on Switch has been fixed.
  • There is no longer a soft lock when buying from the Bloodweb and switching characters.

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Visually Representing the Impact of Terror

  • Once the audio reaches a certain level, the Terror Radius Visual Feedback will be displayed to prevent the indicator from appearing when the sound is barely audible.


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  • The Insidious Perk’s icon will no longer illuminate if a player becomes undetectable from another source, and will now only signal when the Perk is in effect.
  • Resolved a crash that happened on PS4 during set-up.
  • Fixed a crash that could take place infrequently when navigating the Bloodweb.
  • Fixed a crash that occasionally occurred at the conclusion of a Trial.
  • The Nintendo Switch no longer has a white flash when initializing.
  • The Bloodweb is now buying nodes according to what is indicated in its instructions: those closest to the middle and of the lowest rarity first.
  • Eradicated the Windows Store’s error 8007 for players.

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Areas of Concern

There are certain facets that have been noted and need to be addressed.

  • The Tally Screen features a cosmetic from the Dredge called “Masquerade Colours”
  • The Perk “Any Means Necessary” has been disabled due to an issue which permits players to access locations not intended to be available.

Dead by Daylight is now available on Mobile, PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X and S.