Destiny 2’s Newest Dungeon Name Revealed: Get Ready to Explore [+Game Tease]

For Destiny 2’s newest season, Season of the Deep, Bungie has revealed the name of the accompanying dungeon in its latest weekly update. This is in line with the tradition of giving raids and dungeons names that provide hints about the narrative and what players will face. This new dungeon, much like the Vow of the Disciple raid or the Prophecy dungeon, follows suit and provides a clue as to the threat Guardians will be up against.

In the current season for Destiny 2, titled Season of the Deep, Guardians have been asked to return to the moon Titan in response to a distress call from Deputy Commander Sloane. Since the conclusion of the Lightfall campaign and Season of Defiance, Sloane and Titan have been missing. The mission for Guardians is to protect a mysterious creature living deep within Titan’s methane oceans in order to learn more about the Witness’ agenda and how it can be thwarted.

On Friday, May 26, Bungie gave Guardians a first look at the upcoming dungeon, titled “Ghosts of the Deep,” via the latest post on This Week at Bungie. Although no other details were provided at the time, the post did include the start dates for select Season of the Deep events such as Iron Banner and Solstice. This could be one of the more intimidating endgame activities players have faced in a while.

Some people in the Destiny 2 community have been making guesses about the meaning behind the dungeon’s title, despite the lack of information. A popular hypothesis is that the title has two implications, referring to the exploration of Titan’s seas and the Hive’s name for the Darkness, “The Deep”. This is reinforced by the fact that Xivu Arath, a Hive God, is making her first direct contact with players in the Season of the Deep.

Speculation is rampant regarding what kind of ghostly presence might be found in the dungeon; some players have proposed that it could be related to Oryx. After being defeated in the King’s Fall raid, the Taken King’s body was spotted drifting around Saturn, and it’s been suggested that his remains might have traveled to Titan, which is the biggest moon of Saturn. Whether or not this speculation proves accurate remains to be seen, but it could be a fitting conclusion to the epic Light and Darkness Saga.

Destiny 2 can be found on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.