Elden Ring Inspired Beer: Local Brewery Creates Hazy IPA

Free Will Brewing Co., located in Pennsylvania, has recently come out with a new beverage paying tribute to the popular video game, Elden Ring. The beer is called “Rise Tarnished,” a reference to a well-known line from the game, and is a Hazy India Pale Ale. This drink is made with an exclusive combination of three hops, meant to replicate the feeling of Elden Ring’s mysterious universe.

Elden Ring has been a highly successful title since its release in 2022, garnering attention from many different cultures. This is due in part to the various sources of inspiration from which it draws. These include RuneQuest, Game of Thrones, Berserk, Greek and Roman mythology, Legend of Zelda, and Lord of the Rings. As its popularity continues to spread, fans of Elden Ring have begun to bring the game to new mediums, furthering its reach.

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One Elden Ring follower, nosleeptilldeath, showed their enthusiasm for the introduction of the Elden Ring-inspired beer on Reddit, displaying a photograph of the striking packaging for the craft beer. As a devout gaming fan, nosleeptilldeath suggested the idea of a Elden Ring beer to Free Will Brewery where they work. The brewery tested various designs before selecting one that mirrors the vanguard beginning class in Elden Ring, which fans of the game will instantly recognize. However, the artwork in the image does not involve any symbols or features from the game apart from the slogan, “Rise Tarnished.” This dedication from the brewery to craft an authentic Elden Ring-inspired beer is a testament to the game’s influence on popular culture and its potential to spark creative endeavors beyond the gaming world.

An IPA with a Hazy taste, the Elden Ring-inspired beer includes an exclusive mix of Moutere, Pacific Sunrise, and Citrus hops, with a 6.8% alcohol content. The beer has caused an uproar among both gamers and beer aficionados in Pennsylvania. People have been inquiring about where to buy the beer in the comment section, however its only available in certain Pennsylvania tap rooms and for shipping within the state. The official release of this unique beer was today, and those who follow Elden Ring and beer lovers alike are anxious to sample the distinct flavor and packaging.

The release of Free Will Brewing’s “Rise Tarnished” Hazy IPA has been a noteworthy addition to craft beer and video game culture. Elden Ring clearly inspired the creation of this beer and has sparked a new wave of creative endeavors. Though currently only available in certain Pennsylvania locations, the buzz around the beer’s debut demonstrates its influence on popular culture. It will be intriguing to observe if other breweries take after Free Will’s example and produce their own gaming-themed beers.

Elden Ring has now been released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.