Elden Ring Video: Cleanrot Knights Show No Mercy in Brutal FromSoftware Game

A gruesome video of Elden Ring has clearly presented the brutality of Cleanrot Knights. This game is famed for its difficult gameplay, intricate mythology, and relentless enemies. Adventurers can expect to contend with some of the most merciless creatures in The Lands Between, such as Rotten Stray, Banished Knights, Stormveil Warhawks, Revenant, and Cleanrot Knights.

The Cleanrot Knights are well-known for being formidable opponents in Elden Ring. They can be spotted in numerous areas of the game, wielding either a thrusting sword, spear or scythe as their primary weapon. A recent video illustrates the unwavering nature of their aggression, as they remain relentless even when pleadings for mercy are made. Malenia, Blade of Miquella, is served by these intimidating warriors, who have become one of the most memorable faces in Elden Ring and cause fear in the hearts of many players.

Esbidee, a Reddit user, uploaded a video of an intense battle between them and an Elden Ring player that was invaded by the Cleanrot Knights. The situation was difficult for the host player, as they had to defend against both the invader and the Cleanrot Knight. In an attempt to survive, the host tried the “Grovel for Mercy” gesture, a last-ditch effort to appeal to the compassion of their opponents.

I was given a choice for mercy
by u/Esbidee in Eldenring

Despite the host’s plea, the Cleanrot Knight from Elden Ring remains unyielding and carries out their merciless attack. This serves as a stark reminder of the daunting power of the Cleanrot Knights, who show no remorse in taking a life, even when it is at its weakest.

The occurrence has prompted talks among the Elden Ring fan base, with many gamers expressing wonder and shock at the Cleanrot Knight’s cruel behavior. Numerous have lauded the practical portrayal of the game’s AI, while others have recounted their alarming encounters with these powerful enemies. The video also emphasizes the capricious nature of Elden Ring’s multiplayer components, in which invasions and partnerships may bring about unanticipated results.

Esbidee’s Reddit video portrayed the unmerciful universe of Elden Ring, and the relentless enemies that live within it. Particularly noteworthy is the Cleanrot Knights, whose mercilessness in combat is demonstrated in their savage reaction to the host’s supplication for leniency.

Elden Ring is now available for playing on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.