Elijah Wood’s Hopes for Lord of the Rings Films: Will They Live Up to Fan Expectations?

Since Elijah Wood’s involvement with the The Lord of the Rings trilogy two decades ago, he has established a career beyond being “that guy from it”. Despite having an impressive career, which has taken him to places like the popular Yellowjackets series, he still has a special fondness for the iconic fantasy franchise.

After the Warner Bros and New Line’s declaration of the Lord of the Rings movies, Wood had some thoughts about it. Although the Prime Video’s The Rings of Power series didn’t receive a warm reception, it is undeniable that J.R.R. Tolkien’s stories still have a large following. Therefore, what was the opinion of one of the most famous casts from the Lord of the Rings movies regarding this new development?

In an interview with GQ, Elijah Wood spoke about his upcoming role in Yellowjackets, but also touched upon The Lord of the Rings. He expressed his adoration for the classic tales, and held a positive attitude about the new movies. Wood was surprised by the news, but noted that it didn’t come as a shock. “It makes sense that there would be more movies,” he stated in response to the Warner Bros and New Line announcement.

Wood acknowledged that money is the driving force behind the making of a franchise like The Rings of Power. However, he made it clear that financial gain does not necessarily need to preclude great art. He pointed out that, given his criticisms of the naming conventions of the franchise, it is easy to understand how seriously he takes it. In the end, what matters to him is whether the new films are being made with artistic expression in mind.

He went on to say that Lord of the Rings was not a product of its surroundings but rather the result of a sincere love for the books and a wish to see them brought to life. The same emotion should be the driving force behind any future films, from the hiring of the screenwriter to the filmmaker. It appears that his work on Yellowjackets season 2 is not the only thing that he is passionate about presently.

It is easy to comprehend Wood’s passion for The Lord of the Rings. These books are considered timeless and the film trilogy directed by Peter Jackson turned out to be a landmark in the cinematic world. To many, The Lord of the Rings is more than just a series – it is a part of them. We all hope that Warner Bros and New Line will give these upcoming movies the respect they are due.

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GQ recently profiled Elijah Wood, an actor who has starred in a variety of films, including the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The article discussed his new passion for playing in a jazz fusion band, Yellowjackets. Wood is the drummer for the group, and he discussed how he was drawn to the challenge of playing in a jazz band, as well as the joy of performing in front of a live audience. He also noted the camaraderie of the other members of the band and the importance of collaboration in the shared musical experience.