Gamer Encounters Surprising Error While Playing Popular Game on Xbox Series S

When someone playing Borderlands 3 on the Xbox Series S met an unexpected issue, it was a surprise. The Xbox Series S is Xbox’s lower-spec console, meaning it is not as powerful as the Xbox Series X in certain titles.

On November 10, 2020, the Xbox Series S was released in tandem with its more powerful counterpart, the Xbox Series X. At $299.99, users have access to a digital Xbox ecosystem of titles from the original Xbox to the previous generation’s Xbox One. However, the lower price comes with a reduced performance, with the Xbox Series S designed to target 1080p and 1440p in most games and no ray tracing options. This lack of performance has been highlighted as a possible cause of stability issues in Atomic Heart, Wild Hearts, and other games released in 2023.

Jokekiller94, the Xbox Series S owner, ran into an odd problem when playing Borderlands 3, appearing to run out of video memory for the game. The error message specified that the console does not have sufficient video memory to produce a resource for Borderlands 3, causing the game to abruptly close and return to the Xbox dashboard. Surprisingly, the prompt asked the user to make sure their video card has the minimal memory to play Borderlands 3, which befuddled jokekiller94 since the console does not use a dedicated graphics card like one on a gaming PC would.

It has been proposed by a few players that Borderlands 3 on Xbox Series S has a common error, potentially due to a lack of optimization. Reddit user Hattix puts forth the idea that the game’s engine misread the API’s error code and thus caused the strange message noticed by jokekiller94. Additionally, some think the crash is the result of a memory leak in a scene that should normally run smoothly.

Players have been debating the root cause of this error on Xbox Series S, which has drawn attention to the potential issue when running certain games on the console. It appears Borderlands 3 may have needed further optimization to prevent this video memory error from occurring on the Series S. Fortunately, the error appears to be quite rare on an Xbox Series X console.

In 2023, a number of titles will be released for the Xbox Series X|S, and more of these games will be announced at the Xbox Games Showcase this summer. To convince gamers to purchase an Xbox Series S, the company and its partners need to create high-quality games that appeal to both veteran and new gamers.