Genshin Impact Chart: Updated Domain Rotation for Version 3.6

A helpful chart has been unveiled by an enthusiast of Genshin Impact to aid characters in obtaining the necessary weekly boss materials. These materials are utilized in strengthening the Active Talents of characters, which includes their Normal Attacks, Elemental Skills, and Bursts. In order to do this, one must enter a Weekly Boss Domain and vanquish a single massive foe.

Genshin Impact foes keep appearing continuously, yet participants can only acquire their rewards once each week. Moreover, they have to expend 60 Resin units to acquire the materials, which implies that most free-to-play gamers can only gather rewards from various weekly domains 3-4 times daily.

Weekly Bosses and the Spiral Abyss are among the most difficult challenges in Genshin Impact, and require players to assemble their most capable team compositions. Each Weekly Boss can provide up to three materials for upgrading characters’ Combat Talents above the initial 6 levels. A Reddit user called dang0-milk created a chart that classifies characters based on the items they need for talent level-ups. The chart reveals the Wolf of the North Challenge in Mondstadt supplies the most characters with materials, which involves taking on the spirit of Andrius, aka the Dominator of Wolves.

The domain situated in Mondstadt, the first major area in Genshin Impact, is the second most used. One of the region’s more renowned locations, Stormterror’s Liar, hosts the Confront Stormterror weekly boss. This allows players to once more fight against Teyvat’s legendary dragon, Dvalin. There is a theory among the game’s community that a future update could add a new weekly boss to the Anemo nation.

Genshin Impact players have noted the absence of a Fatui Harbinger as a weekly boss in Mondstadt, leading to speculation that the rumored Mondstadt expansion could include a battle against one of the most powerful members of the Fatui organization.

The recent update to Genshin Impact, version 3.6, has added two new characters to the game, Baizhu and Kaveh. They both possess the power of Dendro, which is derived from the talent materials dropped by the new enemy Apep. It has been established that in ancient times, this Dendro Dragon had control over the Sumeru nation.

Genshin Impact is accessible now on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile gadgets. A version for Switch is in the process of being created.