Genshin Impact Player Mods Ayaka into Devil May Cry 5

Recently, a Genshin Impact fan posted a humorous video featuring a mod of Ayaka that substituted a popular character from Devil May Cry 5. The powerful Ayaka, who was first added as part of the Inazuma update with the Pyro user Yoimiya, is one of the most formidable combatants on the roster.

The fanbase of Genshin Impact is noted for their creative crossovers, featuring characters from the game in other series. Recently, a Reddit post depicted Ayaka exhibiting impressive sword-play skills even when transplanted into the world of Devil May Cry.

MezoN3D7, a Reddit user, created a video for DMC5 in which they swapped the model of DLC character Vergil with Ayaka from Genshin Impact. This post was praised by 4k people on the game’s subreddit. Many people commented that although the two games have different art styles, Ayaka fits oddly well in DMC. One of the main explanations for this could be the fact that she is a swordsman, much like her brother Kamisato Ayato. Another explanation is the fact that the player replaced the enemy models with Hilichurls which are one of the most familiar enemy types in the game.

Some followers of HoYoverse have suggested that it should introduce a sword character with a Normal Attack that could fling opponents up into the air and then finish the chain. A lot of supporters have commented that Vergil’s fighting moves are ideal for the five-star Cryo user from Inazuma. Many people regard Ayaka as one of, if not the top DPS character in Genshin Impact for causing elemental harm.

Those hoping to add her to their party will unfortunately have to wait a few months since she was recently featured in the second banner phase of the Genshin Impact update 3.5 along with Cryo user Shenhe. The two pair well since Shenhe’s abilities are dependent on having as many Cryo users on her team as possible.

When combined with Hydro, the two characters in Genshin Impact can utilize the Frozen reaction, one of the most effective elemental reactions. This will immobilize enemies for a short time, permitting players to adjust their positions and maximize their damage output.

The popular game Genshin Impact can be enjoyed on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5 – and a version for the Switch is in the works.