Genshin Impact Players Unhappy with 4-Star Pity System

Genshin Impact devotees are displeased with how the banner system functions, particularly when they are attempting to get a certain four-star character. The Limited Character Banners of the game are made up of four characters, one five-star and three four-stars. As of late, a lot of updates have included double banners which give players the opportunity to draw for two dissimilar limited five-star characters at the same time.

Acquiring four-star characters is simple due to their 10-wish pity system, guaranteeing that a drop will occur within 10 attempts. If the Genshin Impact cycle contains two five-star units, the pity will be distributed between the two banners.

The Genshin Impact subreddit saw an interesting post by HereForGames that got almost 12k upvotes. It highlighted a significant issue with the current gacha system and its four-star character acquisition: even if they have a lower pity, the drop odds are split among the three featured characters, so users can use up thousands of wishes without getting the specific four-star they want. This can be particularly irksome when they want a certain constellation level of a character, like Bennett’s C1 level, which eliminates the HP limitation on his Fantastic Voyage buff damage.

Many solutions have been proposed by enthusiasts to this issue. The most favored one would necessitate HoYoverse to install a mechanism akin to the Epitomized Path feature now present on the Weapon Banner. With this, players can pinpoint a particular five-star weapon using Fate Points.

Players would be rewarded with a Fate Point if they don’t get the four-star character they wanted. Having a few of these points would guarantee the next four-star drop to be a character of their selection. Some fans noted that this system would be beneficial for the unpopular Standard Banner, as it is currently nearly impossible to obtain all constellation levels for a five-star character from this option.

Genshin Impact has been adding new five-star characters with each new version of the game, leading HoYoverse to have double banners in each update. Many players believe the same approach should be applied to their four-star characters.

Genshin Impact is now accessible on a range of platforms, including Mobile devices, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in the process of being developed.