Heartbreaking Video Shows Classic Games and Consoles Ruined by Water Damage

A recent video has caused sentimental gamers to feel sorrowful after witnessing classic games and consoles being subjected to water damage. Even though these iconic titles and systems evoke nostalgia, the clip was still upsetting to view.

The gaming industry has experienced tremendous growth over the years. Many gamers still have classic consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2, as they bring back fond memories of them. Some people were introduced to gaming through these consoles, while others love playing the games that haven’t been remade in the current generation. Whatever the reason, sentimentality is a major factor in people’s decision to keep these consoles. However, some external forces may damage or even demolish these consoles and games, no matter how hard they are protected.


was helping a buddy with a yard clean up and seen this outside rip xbox #xbox #xbox360 #sadstory

♬ original sound – supra_gamer

Supra_Gamer’s TikTok revealed a heartbreaking sight; a storage container full of gaming consoles and games, from an Xbox 360 to one of the WWE Smackdown vs. Raw titles, had been entirely submerged in water and was ruined. Sadly, the collection of memories was lost to water damage.

The compilation included a broad selection of PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 titles that would be impossible to play without the original console. Although several of the titles in the box were hard to discern, two of the corrupted games were Forza Motorsport 3 and Young Justice: Legacy. These titles likely possessed particular significance for the gamer, making it challenging to reconstruct such a unique collection.

As the gaming industry is increasingly turning to digital media, having a physical game collection is becoming less and less frequent. This makes the loss experienced by one gamer all the more heartbreaking. Whether the collection is kept in perfect condition or is only being discovered now, the sentiment behind it still remains. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that this individual will be able to recover all the items they lost, but here’s hoping that they are able to reclaim some of their titles and consoles.