Hogwarts Legacy Clip: Deer Uses Merlin Trial as a Rollercoaster [Hilarious Video]

A comical clip of Hogwarts Legacy has recently gone viral that showcases a deer riding a Merlin Trial as if it were a rollercoaster. Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy have been viewed as tedious by many players, but this deer has thought of an ingenious solution to liven up the experience.

When Hogwarts Legacy was released for previous-gen consoles, it brought gamers back to Avalanche Software’s title, reminding them of the traits that had made it so popular a few months prior. In this particular clip, one can observe the amusing details that give life to this representation of the Wizarding World. After being in the shadows for years, it is evident that the desire of the audience for more Harry Potter content has been revived. Moreover, the recent news of a Harry Potter TV show on HBO Max has established that the legacy of the series will continue.

User sugarisbae posted a humorous video to Reddit showing a deer enjoying a Merlin Trial. As the player solved the Trial, it started to spin with the deer on top – likely a dizzying experience. Since Hogwarts Legacy was released, players have found many unique ways to engage with Merlin Trials, and this deer rollercoaster is an intriguing addition.

At least someone is enjoying merlin trials🎡
by u/sugarisbae in HarryPotterGame

Incorporating the Merlin Trials into a Hogwarts Legacy playthrough is essential, as players reap great rewards upon completion. The problem is that there are too many of these trials, with a total of 95, and they are all quite similar. Thus, many gamers are searching for ways to make them more exciting to complete. This is certainly one approach to do so.

Despite the recently released Hogwarts Legacy cosmetic DLC, gamers are still hoping for an expansion to the game. Avalanche Software has hinted at the potential for such an expansion, yet it appears as though players will have to keep waiting to see if something new is in the works. Even though the game has already made over $1 billion in sales, Warner Bros. does not appear to be utilizing this large market.

Hogwarts Legacy has been released and is available for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. The Switch version will be out on July 25.