Hogwarts Legacy Feature: Bringing Vivariums to Life

Players of Hogwarts Legacy have recently suggested a fantastic concept to bring more vitality to the game’s vivariums. Vivariums in Hogwarts Legacy are an ideal way to engage in some tranquil building activities, but the suggestion is to make them even better.

Players of Hogwarts Legacy take pride in crafting the most beautiful vivariums in the game. One fan dedicated 40 hours to building a stunning beach vivarium. It’s not quite the same as Halo’s Forge mode, but it is still a great way for players to show off their creativity and add more to the game.

It is worth noting that the PS4 version of Hogwarts Legacy has made a remarkable alteration to its castle compared to the PS5 version.

I wish we could get the honking flowers through seeds and put them in our ror or vivarium. They give me so much serotonin!
by u/lunabellx in HarryPotterGame

Lunabellx put forward the concept of allowing players to get seeds for honking daffodils and then use them to spruce up their vivariums in Hogwarts Legacy. It is a creative thought for those who are of the opinion that the available beasts in the game are inadequate for the vivariums. Taking into consideration the customizability of the vivariums, it is quite unexpected for something as trivial as this not to already be a part of the game. Nevertheless, Avalanche Software could potentially add it as an update.

Though not all the players in the conversation were completely in agreement about the notion, some did find them too annoying to listen to after a short time. This is an individual choice, with one participant in the discussion even stating they’d want plenty of them in their own backyard.

Hope among gamers for single-player Hogwarts Legacy DLC is still alive and well. The world of wizardry has a lot of potential to explore, and it would be a loss to not take advantage of that. Avalanche Software has been non-committal since the game’s release, however, and the financial success of the game hasn’t changed that stance. Even with the game’s success on older consoles, the plan hasn’t shifted yet.

Hogwarts Legacy is accessible to play on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Moreover, a version for Nintendo Switch will be released on November 14.