KOTOR Remake: Industry Insider Shares Depressing Prediction [Games News]

An industry figure recently released a dismal prognosis for the much-awaited Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake, suggesting that it will never be released. This news emerged just as fans were hypothesizing that the KOTOR remake could be presented at Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Showcase.

When the KOTOR remake was initially announced with a September 2021 teaser, the plan was to make the game a timed PS5 exclusive before bringing it to PC. But then the title was met with an indefinite delay, and Embracer Group took it from Aspyr Media and gave it to Saber Interactive, one of its subsidiaries. This, in addition to reports of a problematic development cycle, have caused people to doubt that the KOTOR remake will ever happen.

Industry veteran Jeff Grubb has speculated that the remake of the iconic 2003 RPG likely will not be released. This forecast was shared on his Game Mess podcast when he was questioned if the remake of KOTOR would come out before the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time remake. Although the Prince of Persia remake appears to be lost to the sands of time, Grubb believes that it still should come out eventually.

Despite the pessimistic outlook of Grubb’s remarks, there are those who view the KOTOR remake in a more hopeful light. Recently, the development troubles of Dead Island 2 were seen as an encouraging example for the potential of the KOTOR remake, as the game still ended up being well-received in spite of its struggles, including multiple developer shifts.

It is uncertain if Saber Interactive will prove to be as successful as Dambuster Studios was with Dead Island 2. Currently, the KOTOR remake is yet to reach the gold stage. In accordance with an August 2022 article that reported of the change in project management, it is believed by sources near Embracer that the game would take two more years to complete following the switch to Saber. If the pessimistic prediction by Grubb does not become a fact, the Knights of the Old Republic remake is expected to be available by the holiday season of 2024.

Development is currently underway for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for both PC and PS5.