Mass Effect Fans’ Request for ME4’s Romances

Adherents of the Mass Effect series have expressed their desire for more romance interrupt prompts in the approaching Mass Effect 4. It is thought by some that romance might present a large challenge for Mass Effect 4, however this request would certainly help to enhance the feature.

The Mass Effect series is renowned for its engaging romances, which are a core part of the RPG experience. Fans often replay the games in order to select different love interests each time, as the narrative elements of the romances provide some of the most captivating storytelling in any role-playing game. Despite the original instalment facing a ban in Singapore in 2007 due to the climactic scenes within the romances, the series has not let this incident influence its creative expression.

Von_Uber, a Redditor, put forth a plea that Mass Effect 4 should include more romantic opportunities in the form of interrupts the player can choose to engage in. As an example, they pointed to Mass Effect 3, where the player was able to intervene in a heated exchange between Specialist Traynor and themselves with a kiss. With more of these moments in the game, it would make the player feel more invested in the romance side of the game and carry on the legacy of player choice in Mass Effect. If BioWare is truly committed to giving gamers as much choice as possible, then this would be a great place to start.

The thread’s gamers concurred and immediately highlighted some other noteworthy romance interrupts from the Mass Effect series. Jack at Grissom Academy in Mass Effect 3 is another illustration of such an occurrence. Even Mass Effect: Andromeda has a few romance interrupts. This gives an added natural feel to the game’s romances, which have been criticized for being overly simple to finish with just a few dialogues

Romantic relationships are sure to have a huge role in Mass Effect 4, especially since they were featured in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Liara, a romantic interest from the original trilogy, has been confirmed to appear in the new game. However, it’s presently unknown if the character will be a potential romance option. Various clues might indicate that Commander Shepard, the protagonist of the original trilogy, will be making a return, but fans will have to wait until the game is released to get a definitive answer.

The highly anticipated game, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, has now been released and is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.