Metroid Prime Remastered Sales Milestone: A Win for Nintendo Games

At the February 2023 Nintendo Direct, Nintendo surprised their followers by revealing the Metroid Prime Remastered re-release on the Nintendo Switch. Even though rumors had been circulating for over a year, the game’s launch was still unexpected, as it was made available the same day as the Direct. The game has already achieved a noteworthy sales milestone.

The news was quickly digested by many fans who wasted no time in buying the remaster. Additionally, Metroid Prime Remastered was one of the most acclaimed titles of 2023, according to Gamerant. The game was successfully ported from the GameCube to the Switch, with the added bonus of improved visuals. This recreation of the 2002 original earned the same positive reviews and shot up the digital store rankings on the Nintendo eShop. Eventually, a physical release was made available, though it experienced some supply problems. Despite this, it has still managed to reach a remarkable sales milestone in its first few months on the market.

Nintendo’s financial report from April 2022 to March 31, 2023 revealed that Metroid Prime Remastered had sold at least one million copies in the two-month span from February to March. This was noteworthy because it occurred at the end of the company’s fiscal year, and most of the sales came through digital downloads. This was also true for many other titles featured in the report.

The sales of Metroid Prime Remastered have been exceptionally successful, particularly when compared to the likes of Fire Emblem Engage and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe, which had been heavily promoted and advertised for months or even a year before their release. However, this surprise release near the end of the company’s fiscal year still managed to surpass this remarkable sales mark.

The original Metroid Prime had been the series’ biggest seller until 2021, when Metroid Dread surpassed its 2.8 million lifetime sales. Now, with Metroid Prime Remastered moving at least one-third of that amount, it is possible that it could soon outsell both Metroid Prime and Metroid Dread.

It is suggested that Nintendo should exhibit generosity towards the remaining two titles of the Metroid Prime Trilogy by either remastering or remaking them for the Nintendo Switch Online Library, in the same fashion as the GameCube classic. Link to article

Nintendo has released its financial results for the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2021. The company reported a total of ¥1.5 trillion in revenue, up 8.3% from the previous year. Net profit was ¥279.1 billion, which was an increase of 8.3% from the prior fiscal year.

Nintendo’s operating profit for the fiscal year was ¥514.6 billion, a jump of 14.9% from the previous year. This was attributed to strong sales of Nintendo Switch and its software titles, as well as income from digital products and licensing. The company also reported solid growth in its mobile business.