MrBeast Addresses Criticism Over Buying Houses for Staff

The YouTube celebrity MrBeast has caught a lot of heat for buying homes for his staff, and he has answered the criticism. MrBeast has skyrocketed in fame after his Squid Game episode and he has employed the income he has earned from this video to do good things for other people, however, there are some who don’t view it that way.

For the last 10 years, MrBeast has been working his way up to the top. His YouTube channel, which now holds 152 million subscribers, was created back in 2012. MrBeast has also been featured on programs like Joe Rogan, TMG, Impaulsive, and others. When he bought houses for his employees some people had a different opinion of him, but MrBeast had an answer for his critics.

In response to a tweet from an individual who was critical of the big home purchases, MrBeast left a thoughtful comment. He felt he was the only one who would get “canceled” for “giving people a place to live with no strings attached”. Although there has been much scrutiny of what the YouTube content creator may be receiving in return, he expressed his bewilderment when he stated he was “just helping some people”.

MrBeast’s post set off a humorous reaction from the community, with some suggesting that he’d taken his benevolent actions too far. Despite this, many voiced their approval of his charitable works. While the details of the Greenville, North Carolina housing project are currently unknown, it’s unlikely that this controversy is as dire as some have suggested, similar to prior incidents involving the YouTuber.

On numerous occasions, MrBeast has expressed that he wants to give back to the public with the revenue he earns from YouTube, and the recently-purchased residences in Greenville are a part of that ongoing campaign. Besides this, the famous YouTuber has also aided the visually impaired to see and the hearing impaired to hear again, and has handed out large sums of money and other costly items to people who would then compete for the prize.