New Zelda Game Glitch: Tears of the Kingdom Item Duplication [+Video]

Just two weeks after its launch, a duplication bug has been identified in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This is the most recent installment of The Legend of Zelda series and has been met with great enthusiasm, second only to Breath of the Wild which came out in 2017. Metacritic ratings for the two games stand at 95 and 97 respectively, with Tears of the Kingdom trailing by just 2 points. Many believe that Tears of the Kingdom will have a major influence on the design of future open-world games.

Tears of the Kingdom offers a plethora of items to collect, each of which can vary in its rarity. A brand new mechanic, the Ultrahand, has been implemented in the game, permitting players to join items together or control objects located in the overworld. This feature allows them to create all sorts of unusual inventions.

New duplication glitch that doesn’t require the item in the last slot nor deletes anything. Just shield hop, grab 5 of what you want, press B +Y at the same time, profit.
by u/heeissenberg in tearsofthekingdom

Recently, heeissenberg, a Reddit user, shared a duplication glitch for Tears of the Kingdom called the Shield Hop method. In order to utilize the glitch, players must execute a Shield Hop, open the inventory, hold five items they want to duplicate, and press the B and Y buttons simultaneously. This trick works as of the most recent patch for Tears of the Kingdom which was released three days ago and brought the game up to version 1.1.1. Link to the patch.

Gamers tend to be against using duplication glitches as they make obtaining items that would have otherwise been challenging effortless. On heeissenberg’s Reddit post, a few users suggested an alternative method of duplicating the Tears of the Kingdom by paragliding, which appears to be more effective. Duplication glitches, although powerful, are probably going to be removed in the future.

Despite its popularity, Tears of the Kingdom has been met with criticism due to its map traversal. The expansive virtual world can be daunting to navigate without the help of Zonai devices, stamina, and the use of horses. However, some players have resorted to exploiting a duplication glitch when they need a break from roaming the map.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is only attainable on the Nintendo Switch platform.