Nintendo 3DS Gets Surprise System Update for Gamers

This week, the Nintendo 3DS was given an unexpected system update, even though the console’s support had been finished by Nintendo a few years ago. The 3DS was a highly durable handheld, with its launch in 2011 and sales of both its hardware and software continuing until 2020. The update is thought to be a minor one, made to fix certain components of the console. The 3DS is now overshadowed by the Switch, but it held a significant lifespan as one of Nintendo’s iconic portable devices.

Although often surprising, minor alterations to consoles have been applied even after they have been discontinued. Sony’s PlayStation 3 had its most recent 4.90 update issued in February. Many alterations to the 3DS recently have been to the detriment of people still using the console, with Nintendo shutting down both the 3DS and Wii U eShop this year. Now, a new minor repair has been made to the handheld, bringing some minor changes along with it.

Nintendo’s Japanese customer support Twitter account has recently revealed information about the newest system update for the 3DS, 11.17.0-50J. This update does not contain any major changes; it just provides some minor improvements for the console’s stability and user experience. It is common for consoles to receive minor updates like this, generally to patch out bugs and exploits with the system’s software. Although 3DS hardware sales stopped in 2020, Nintendo Network services are still available.

Although the minor system update won’t encourage people to take out their 3DSs again, it should be noted that the console was the final home for several popular features. After the discontinuation of the Wii U, the 3DS was the last active console to have the renowned Virtual Console game library. Moreover, StreetPass was an admired element of the console, permitting 3DS users to interact with different 3DS users they meet in games such as Mii Plaza and Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS. In fact, this year, some enthusiasts even attempted to bring back StreetPass with live events. This was recorded.

Despite the passing of the 3DS’ time in the limelight, the console’s library of games has managed to retain its fan base. Titles such as Etrian Odyssey and Monster Hunter Generations were later re-released in enhanced versions for the Switch. Additionally, several fans have requested to have some of the 3DS library’s games come to the Switch through the Nintendo Switch Online program, following the recent addition of Game Boy titles. The 3DS stands as a testament to a period of creativity and innovation from Nintendo.