Phasmophobia Dev Outlines What’s to Come In Huge ‘Progression 2.0’ Update

The imminent update to the indie hit Phasmophobia is exciting fans, and Kinetic Games recently posted information on what players can look forward to. The Phasmophobia release created waves in the horror video game community due to its immersive and spooky environment, combined with tactical ghost hunting features. It gave players the thrill of scaring themselves, while also providing amusement as they watched their favorite YouTubers and Twitch streamers playing the game.

Kinetic’s Phasmophobia has had a large influence on indie gaming and the horror genre in a short period of time. It has inspired other studios to create games such as Ghost Exile and Ghost Watchers that borrow the cooperative elements and paranormal themes of Phasmo. The developer is looking to keep their IP in top shape and is preparing a major update with many changes.

phasmphobia roadmap 2023

The team behind Phasmophobia recently posted a Steam preview, #9, discussing the future of the game’s thermometer. This “Progression 2.0” patch will feature three tiers of the device, with new models and an upgrade to the old one. According to the roadmap, this patch is slated for release in Q3 2023. Before then, the studio plans to launch a “Progression 1.0” patch in July, allowing fans to try out the new equipment before the major update arrives.

A full reset is occurring in Progression 2.0, so that all players will start back at 0. Nevertheless, those that had reached a certain level in the original version of the game can display a badge that shows their attained level. A Steam post beforehand revealed the forthcoming changes to the D.O.T.S. Projector, one of the many helpful items in Phasmophobia, which will have three tiers.

The primary lure of Phasmophobia for many horror enthusiasts is its ability to be absolutely terrifying. Yet, the game can still be a fun experience, especially when played with friends. It can be quite humorous to observe people struggling to outrun a ghost coming after them.

Phasmophobia can be obtained on PC as of now.