Skyrim’s Nazeem: The Perfect Projectile for Gamers

A Skyrim enthusiast decided that Nazeem, a much-disliked character in the game, could be better employed by being thrown against a wall. The Elder Scrolls 5_ is well-known for its high fantasy setting and intricate lore, and is considered by many to be one of the best RPGs ever created. Although the main attraction of Skyrim is to serve as the Dragonborn and protect the world from dragons, there are countless amusing activities that can be done in the game even after all this time.

Players are known to showcase their abilities in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim through incredible acts, such as trick shots and using the enchanting system to produce powerful items. Even after more than a decade since its launch, TES5 remains a source of entertainment for fans. Nazeem, the resident of Whiterun, is no stranger to players, and many like to make their opinion of him known.

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When Nazeem becomes the trick shot itself.
by u/walter-fring in skyrim

Recently, a Reddit user by the name of walter-fring had a creative idea regarding the Skyrim  NPC. They uploaded a clip which depicted Nazeem on a drawbridge, just outside of a keep. When the lever was activated, the drawbridge sprang up, propelling the character into the building, where he ended in a fiery explosion. It was amusing to see the usually-disliked Redguard used as a projectile and the explosive finale added the perfect touch to the stunt. Although some attempts proved unsuccessful, the idea of using an NPC as a trick shot was widely appreciated.

Although Nazeem from Skyrim is usually not well-liked by the players due to his haughtiness towards the Dragonborn, there are still some who don’t mind him. The Elder Scrolls V features many NPCs, the vast majority of whom are just ordinary people living their lives; however, there are a few who are particularly loathed, including Nazeem. He may be inoffensive, but that doesn’t mean gamers don’t enjoy coming up with inventive ways to get rid of him.

The fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls franchise, Skyrim, is a great choice for those new to RPG gaming, which likely explains its ongoing appeal. This game differs from its predecessors, such as Daggerfall and Morrowind, since it has a broader appeal and provides the player with the opportunity to take out Nazeem should he make any unwelcome remarks.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – Anniversary Edition can now be purchased for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.