Spider-Man 2 Fans Want Insomniac Games to Recreate Iconic Meme In-Game

Anxiously, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 players are hoping that the game will be able to bring back an iconic meme. Just this week, the first look at the gameplay of the Insomniac-developed title was released, two years after its announcement. This game will be different from the original in that players are able to take control of Peter Parker and Miles Morales in one journey. Additionally, the sinister Venom symbiote is being featured prominently, and players are looking to Insomniac Games to potentially bring back the classic meme that involves the black suit and Shocker.

The meme stems from an episode of the animated Spider-Man show that aired in the 90s. In keeping with the comics and game, Peter Parker runs into Venom, which covers him up and transforms him into his famous black suit. This also has an effect on his character, making him more hostile. This is seen at its peak when Shocker brushes against him, causing Spiderman to pursue him and yell threats. It is a scene that many fans would like to see redone in the game and for some good reasons.

Twitter user MrFlippy616 highlighted a situation that has the potential to be “the funniest thing ever,” with screenshots of Spider-Man in his black suit and Shocker. It is the scene itself that makes it so amusing, as Christopher Daniel Barnes – the voice actor from the 90’s Spider-Man cartoon – delivers a larger than life performance while pursuing Shocker. Fans view this as a mix of comically unintentional and intimidatingly intimidating.

It appears as if the stars have aligned to give players this chance, as it is known that Spider-Man has the Venom symbiote and Shocker has become an integral part of Peter’s rogues gallery. One amusing fact is that one of the boss battles in the first game is a chase with Shocker! The trailer focused on Kraven showcased a mini-map that revealed Shocker wandering around. With Yuri Lowenthal having a deep and gruff voice for when Peter is influenced by the symbiote, fans are hoping that this series of events can be reenacted in some manner, even with the over-the-top voice acting.

In the gameplay trailer for Spider-Man 2, the extent of the Venom symbiote’s influence on Peter can be easily observed. His demeanor shifts from that of a benevolent superhero to a detached antihero. Additionally, fans have noted more subtle indications of the corruption, for example, when he seems to hesitate to help a person before gruffly tossing them aside once they are safe. It is undoubtedly going to be intriguing to watch how his character arc progresses with the symbiote.

This autumn, Spider-Man 2 from Marvel will be released for the PS5.