Star Wars: Ahsoka – New Baby Yoda-Like Creature Revealed!

It appears that the Star Wars franchise has adopted the charm of having an endearing extraterrestrial like Grogu featured in The Mandalorian. When Ahsoka airs, fans won’t be the only ones enjoying the amusing atmosphere in a distant galaxy.

Earlier this year, Amandla Stenberg revealed her enthusiasm for practical effects and creatures in Star Wars: The Acolyte. This may have been seen as a respite from an excess of computer-generated imagery in newer shows. Nonetheless, it could be an indication of how Star Wars will continue in the future. After Grogu (a.k.a. Baby Yoda) won over viewers and actors alike, it seemed almost pointless for the idea to be a single occurrence. It appears that those in power took the thought to heart.

The trailer for Ahsoka revealed a prominent animatronic Loth-cat, which charmed the cast and crew. Natasha Liu Bordizzo, who portrays Sabine Wren in Star Wars Rebels, commented in an interview with Empire Magazine that the complexity of the design is impressive; it has a real skeleton underneath which enables complex facial expressions. The Loth-cat kept her company as she continued to bring the young and artistic Mandalorian to life onscreen. She wasn’t the only one that was charmed.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays Hera Syndulla, expressed that the experience was genuine. Even Rosario Dawson, who has portrayed Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian season 2, was captivated by the small creature. She noted the detail behind it, saying that it was “next-level”. Additionally, Bordizzo said, “Move over, Grogu!” indicating the level of quality the effects team was trying to achieve.

The new series Ahsoka may use Ahsoka Tano as a framing device, but many suggest that it will actually be a live-action season of Star Wars Rebels. The finale of Rebels saw Ezra Bridger, a young Jedi, seemingly sacrificing himself to save his friends from Grand Admiral Thrawn with the help of purrgil creatures. A short epilogue showed Ahsoka and Sabine setting out to search for Ezra, and it seems that the new series will begin right at that moment.

The use of practical effects for the Loth-cat could be one of the most noteworthy aspects of Ahsoka. When it comes to sci-fi films, practical effects must be executed correctly, and The Mandalorian set a remarkable benchmark for creatures. Considering the fact that Werner Herzog was immediately charmed by Grogu and now the cast of Ahsoka is similarly fond of their furry companion, it appears to have been the correct decision.

Disney Plus will be the home of Ahsoka come August 2023.