Star Wars: The Acolyte’s Jodie Turner-Smith Reveals New Details

Star Wars: The Acolyte’s Jodie Turner-Smith has let out a few information about her character in the up-and-coming series and her collaboration with one of the directors. This show, developed by Leslye Headland, is one of numerous in the ever-increasing Star Wars list of future projects, yet this one appears to have a distinct atmosphere than many other.

The new series The Acolyte, set in the High Republic era of the Star Wars franchise, has been reported to have a different narrative approach than previous titles. Dafne Keen, the lead actress, has mentioned that it has a “Sith-led” story, which may be refreshing for those who have grown tired of Jedi stories. Aside from this, other elements make it unique. This story taking place centuries before the prequels is being taken more seriously than other Star Wars projects such as The Mandalorian. Moreover, the series is helmed by an exciting director.

In an interview with Collider, Turner-Smith revealed some insights into the tone of The Acolyte. She noted that it was “different” from her work on Star Wars, but she was grateful to have experienced working with her favorite director, Kogonada, and Leslye Headland. Turner-Smith expressed her eagerness to see the outcome of the project, and Kogonada is a great addition to the impressive list of Star Wars directors. Previously, they had collaborated on After Yang, which was also directed by him.

Turner-Smith went on to describe a sweeping story for her character, one that wouldn’t be connected to the main character Amandla Sternberg. “Amandla is an incredible performer,” she said. “I didn’t get to work with her, but I got to see what they were doing and it’s going to be epic. It’s something never seen before in that world.” This is great news as The Acolyte is set to introduce new Jedi characters. It looks like the Star Wars franchise is planning to put a unique spin on its formula.

When asked about her character in The Acolyte, Amanda Turner-Smith had to keep her response somewhat cryptic; however, she was able to drop one interesting tidbit of information. “I didn’t get to use a lightsaber,” she said with a smirk on her face, “because I’m not a Jedi!” She didn’t confirm whether or not she has any Force sensitivity, so it is possible she may be part of the Sith Order. But that is still all speculation at this point. It is possible that Turner-Smith’s role may involve something to do with the practical effects and creatures featured in the show.

There is no denying the talent behind The Acolyte, from Stenberg to Turner-Smith and a selection of talented directors, such as Kogonada. Notable cast members include Keen from Logan, Carrie-Anne Moss from The Matrix and Manny Jacinto from The Good Place. Despite the eagerness to learn more, those involved have been tight-lipped about the project. All that can be done is to hope that the wait is worth it, as the High Republic is a captivating period in Star Wars history with so much potential.

Disney Plus plans to release Star Wars: The Acolyte in the year 2024.