Strange Genshin Impact Glitch Causes Player to Fall Out of the Sky

A perplexing Genshin Impact bug caused a player to unexpectedly drop from the heavens, landing in Liyue Harbor after they employed a teleport waypoint. Liyue Harbor is the location for a lot of the main storyline in Liyue, which had wrapped up shortly before the release of Genshin Impact  version 2.0.

It appears that the world of Teyvat is growing with each Genshin Impact update, and it is anticipated that the vast Fontaine region will be introduced in version 4.0. Currently, players of Genshin Impact have access to Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, and Sumeru regions and the neighboring places like Dragonspine and Enkanomiya. Travel waypoints are great for traversing Teyvat, since they enable the player to go across great lengths in a flash. However, one player has noticed that fast travelling may come with some unintended consequences in Genshin Impact.

A concern with Genshin Impact is being voiced by players who find the daily quests to be overly long due to having to listen to too much dialogue that cannot be skipped. Here’s what they’re saying.

A strange bug caused Genshin Impact player Own-Biscotti1525 to be sent flying when they utilized a teleport waypoint in Liyue Harbor. Right after reaching their destination’s teleport waypoint, the gamer was catapulted skyward above Liyue Harbor and Mt. Tianheng, which is in the vicinity of Ningguang’s Jade Chamber. The game reloaded abruptly, teleporting the player back to the waypoint’s spot in Liyue Harbor.

Some Genshin Impact gamers have alluded to this bug being more common in the PlayStation 4 edition when NPCs are loading. One such NPC, a Millelith guard, is usually situated near the teleportation waypoint and alchemy table of Liyue Harbor. It appears that Own-Biscotti1525, in their haste, may have unintentionally run into the NPC as it was appearing in the game, which then triggered Arataki Itto, a well-known character from Inazuma, to be propelled into the air and the game to reload in order to address any assets that had been affected by the glitch.

Those playing Genshin Impact on PlayStation 4 need to take care in order to avoid potential game crashes. Reports have popped up about the glitch affecting mobile devices that meet the minimum requirements for the title. Thankfully, it does not seem to be a common issue for the PlayStation 5 and PC versions of the game.

In April, the Genshin Impact version 3.6 update included the debut of the game’s last area, which was visible from Mondstadt without any technical issues. Future updates could potentially give players a glimpse of the yet-to-be-explored Fontaine from afar.

Genshin Impact is now accessible on Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. A Nintendo Switch release is also currently being developed.