TimTheTatman on What ‘Ruined’ Overwatch: Insights from a Popular Gamer

TimTheTatman, a YouTube content producer, openly discussed his thoughts on the current status of Overwatch 2 and why he believes it is headed in the wrong direction. It is common knowledge that Overwatch 2 has been the subject of a variety of debates since its launch in the initial stages of 2022, the termination of some of the game’s anticipated PvE elements being the most recent controversy to anger fans.

On May 16th, the much-awaited Overwatch 2 PvE campaign mode was canceled, leaving many supporters of the game distressed. Despite the executive producer of the game, Jared Neuss, assuring that other PvE-related material was still in the pipeline Overwatch 2 PvE-centric content was still coming, the original announcement at Blizzcon 2019 of the dropped campaign mode had a significant impact on many admirers of the franchise.

Players of Overwatch 2 Are Discarding Competitive Matches Intentionally in Protest of the PvE Component

According to reports, certain players of the recent Overwatch sequel are deliberately forfeiting competitive matches in order to voice their concerns over the addition of the PvE element.

In TimTheTatman’s latest YouTube video, he shared his reaction to the dropped plans for the PvE mode in Overwatch 2. It is not surprising that he felt let down by the cancelation of certain PvE elements. Furthermore, he noted how he believes Blizzard made an error with the franchise by not providing regular updates to the original Overwatch after the sequel had been announced, which he believes “ruined” the series.

The streamer posited that the developer would have been better off just adding to the first game instead of creating a sequel. This, the streamer argued, would have prevented the content droughts that Overwatch experienced. Moreover, he suggested that the scrapped PvE content likely would not have been an issue if it had been an expansion for the original game. The streamer further noted that the PvE content of Overwatch 2 was a major draw for many fans, so its cancellation was a huge letdown.

TimTheTatman made it clear that even though he plays other games like Call of Duty: Warzone 2 these days, Overwatch remains close to his heart as it was one of the games he often played when starting out as a content creator. Unfortunately, he believes that Overwatch 2 is currently “struggling”. He expressed his hope that somehow Overwatch would rise again, but did not know how that would be possible.

TimTheTatman and other players have been disenchanted with the game’s current state. In response, Blizzard has presented a roadmap for Overwatch 2 that includes new events, Heroes, maps, and more. It is unclear, however, if the incoming content will be enough to keep people captivated in the upcoming months.

Overwatch 2 has been released and is currently available to play in its early access version on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.