Twitch Streamer Kai Cenat Considers Leaving Platform for Good

Kai Cenat, a prominent figure on Twitch, recently suggested that he may quit the streaming website if he gets another ban. In recent years, Twitch has developed into a sensation, getting the attention of millions around the world. Nevertheless, the connection between Twitch and its star streamers has been subject to much discussion in the community.

Recently, Kai Cenat’s fame on Twitch has grown exponentially, breaking a variety of records and becoming the most subscribed streamer ever. As a congratulatory gesture, Twitch sent Kai a present, which he opened live on his stream. He expected a contract, yet to his shock, the box contained a shoebox. Just a few days after being the most popular streamer on the platform, Kai Cenat was issued a seven-day ban, baffling his fans and the community.

During a live stream with BruceDropEmOff and YourRage, Kai suggested that he might exit Twitch “for good” if he were to be banned again. YourRage tried to comfort him by saying that he is viewed as the “golden boy” on the platform, however, Kai disagreed and stated that there are many golden boys instead.

Although Kai’s decision is yet to be made, it is worth mentioning that Twitch has had other top streamers leave before. Ludwig’s case is particularly noteworthy; he left the platform to stream on YouTube, citing a deficiency of appreciation from Twitch. In a YouTube video, Ludwig expressed his dissatisfaction with Twitch, saying that even though he had set a record-breaking subathon and produced considerable revenue for Twitch, the platform never once expressed their gratitude or recognized his accomplishments.t

In their attempt to secure the signing of Kai Cenat, Kick – Twitch’s competitor – has been making efforts and has taken creative measures to get his attention, like gifting him a pair of shoes. Recently, Adin Ross attempted to persuade him to switch to Kick, reminding him that Twitch had made $20 million from his February subathon, while he only got $2 million. Ross also promised that Kick would never ban him.