What Houndour Looks Like Without Its Skull Mask in Pokemon Gold and Silver

Some Pokemon aficionados have fantasized about their beloved Pokedex entries with different appearances, and one fan of Houndour has crafted an edit of what the creature might look like without its skull mask. Pokemon Gold and Silver introduced an additional hundred Pokemon to the Pokedex that was initially established in Generation 1, and a great many of the Gen 2 Pokemon are beloved by fans, including the Dark and Fire-type Houndour.

Pokemon Red and Blue featured Growlith and its evolution Arcanine as the primary canine-themed creatures, but Pokemon Gold and Silver brought in Houndour, Houndoom, Snubbull, and Granbull in their stead. Similarly to Cubone and Marowak, Houndour has a skull mask that adds a more menacing look upon evolution. Although some may interpret the Pokedex entries of Houndour as a new kind of Pokemon regional variant, one fan wondered what the dual-type creature might look like without its mask.

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PhantasmalFish, a Reddit user, has earned 1,000 upvotes on a post about Houndour, one of the Gen 2 Pokemon first found in Pokemon Gold and Silver on Route 7. They admit to being a fan of the Dark and Fire-type Pokemon and were inspired to change its design out of curiosity, leading to a funny “derpy” look. With the skull mask, Houndour looks to be performing the Mean Look attack, but when removed, it seems much less intimidating.

The base model of Hondour features a skull mask at the bottom, which acts like a brow and leads up to its snout. There is an eyehole in the decoration above the Pokemon’s own eye. Without the mask, more of Houndour’s eye is visible, with the pupil looking cross-eyed due to its usual focus on the object that covers its face. Even though PhantasmalFish views the altered Dark and Fire-type Pokemon as derpy, it still stands firmly and the cuffs along its legs are a reminder of the Houndoom it will become when it evolves.

The precise way that the skull mask is connected to Houndour in the Pokemon anime and video games remains uncertain; however, it is probable that it is born with the mask and not able to be taken off as simply as in PhantasmalFish’s fan art. Even though PhantasmalFish’s Pokemon fan edit portrays Houndour without the mask, some other similarly coloured items may be taken away to produce a Rottweiler-like Pokemon.