Why Mages are the Best Build in Elden Ring: A Fun Animation

The incredible dedication of a Elden Ring fan was on full display when they created a cute animation of a battle with a mage. Elden Ring is a title that is filled with thrilling moments and huge adversaries. Its dungeons are incredibly immersive and draw gamers into the mysterious Lands Between. The challenge of the game and the sense of peril it creates add to its overall somber atmosphere.

Despite the grim atmosphere of Elden Ring, players often discover moments of levity within the game. This could be in the form of goofing off with other Tarnished in co-op, stumbling across a dead body performing a glitched dance, or finding some other amusing encounter with an NPC. In a sense, these lighthearted experiences become their own form of enjoyment, reminding us that even in the midst of danger and despair, there is still room for humour, spontaneity and joy.

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A Elden Ring enthusiast identified as MOo0stafa presented a funny animation on Reddit, depicting a confrontation with the formidable Mohg, Lord of Blood. In the video, a cutely-drawn character calls for a fellow player’s aid just before Mohg’s fog door. The video shifts to a comical shot of the boss calmly having tea beside Miquella’s cocoon, waiting for the players’ appearance. The Host of Fingers puts on deodorant as a “buff” and draws their sword, ready for combat. However, the fight ends quickly as the summoned mage releases the Comet Azur spell, defeating Mohg as he rushes forward. The battle finishes with the message “Mages Are Better” in sparkly gold, replacing the normal “Demigod Felled” message on the screen.

The humorous animation is not without its truth. Through its focus on the reliance of melee classes on buffs and their susceptibility to up-close-combat, alongside its portrayal of mages’ tactical advantages, the video encourages players to try out the different character classes available in Elden Ring. Aside from providing an entertaining look into the classes’ capabilities, it may also be seen as a rallying cry, prompting players to team up and experience the game’s expansive range of playstyles.

The Elden Ring fanbase continues to express their enthusiasm for the game through creative and humorous works. Animations like these allow players to demonstrate their ingenuity and appreciation for the game, while also showing off the various game elements. It will be exciting to observe how other animators bring Elden Ring to life through different mediums. From fan art to spoofs, fans continue to exemplify their ardent commitment to this title in various ways. This affirms that the game will remain prominent for many years.

You can now find Elden Ring on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and the Xbox Series X/S.