Xbox Game Pass to Lose 5 Games in May 2023: What You Need to Know

It has been reported that Microsoft will be revising the selection of titles available to Xbox Game Pass members in May 2023, resulting in five games being removed from the library. Every month, members are granted access to a range of titles, including some first-party games as well as third-party games that are added on the day of release [as per Xbox Game Pass New Games Today in April 2023’s Last Case of Benedict Fox].

At the beginning of May 2023, six new games will join Xbox Game Pass, among them Amnesia: The Bunker, Ravenlok and Railway Empire 2. This gives subscribers something new to enjoy every few days. However, Microsoft also rotates games out of the collection each month, with five titles scheduled to be removed in May 2023.

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According to Pure Xbox, five games – Before We Leave, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Anniversary Edition, My Friend Pedro, Hearts of Iron 4: Cadet Edition, and Umurangi Generation Special Edition – are anticipated to depart from Xbox Game Pass on May 15, 2023, offering users two weeks to play them. Xbox Game Pass subscribers should be aware that they can receive a 20% discount if they choose to buy any of these titles before their removal from the service.

List of Titles from Xbox Game Pass Departing on May 2023

  • Prior to Our Departure
  • Danganronpa 2: Adieu Despair Anniversary Edition
  • Hearts of Iron 4: Student Edition
  • My Chum Pedro
  • Umurangi Generation Exclusive Edition

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Five titles, such as Bugsnax, Dragon Quest Builders 2, and Tetris Effect: Connected, have been taken away from the Xbox Game Pass library on April 30th. Moreover, seven other games have been removed from the service on April 15th, including Life is Strange: True Colors, Rainbow Six Extraction, and The Long Dark.

For April 2023, a multitude of fresh titles were added to Xbox Game Pass, such as Ghostwire: Tokyo, Minecraft Legends, Medieval Dynasty, and more. It will be intriguing to find out which new games will be taking the place of the ones that are set to expire in May 2023 when Microsoft revises the list of Xbox Game Pass titles later in the month.

Subscribers of Xbox Game Pass should be aware that they can access Microsoft’s new AAA title Redfall without having to pay extra. Developed by Arkane Austin, the minds behind 2017’s Prey, Redfall has had a mixed reception from critics, with gamers having a number of problems with the game and it receiving a review bombing shortly after its launch.

A recent article outlined two new Xbox Game Pass games that are slated to release in May of 2023, which may set the tone for the platform moving forward. The co-op and open-world titles from the post are said to be promising.

It has been reported that five more titles will be departing from Xbox Game Pass on May 15. According to the announcement, those who have subscribed to the service will no longer have access to the games listed. Subscribers should take the time to enjoy these games before they are removed.