Zelda Fan Waits 72 Hours in Line for Tears of the Kingdom Release

Enthusiastic supporters of The Legend of Zelda series are so enthusiastic about Tears of the Kingdom that they are going to great lengths in order to obtain it as soon as possible when it is released to the public on May 12. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is due out this Friday.

Anticipation levels have reached an all-time high with the upcoming launch of Tears of the Kingdom, the sequel to 2017’s Game of the Year, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Footage revealed so far indicates that all the features that fans adored about the original will be present, with the addition of mechanics such as Link’s Fuse ability and the ability to climb to the heights of the floating islands in Hyrule. As the game’s release date draws near, some fans have gone the extra mile to get their hands on the game as soon as possible.

An avid Zelda fan, OfficialCND from Twitter, has decided to camp out for three days before the game’s launch. A photo was posted of the gamer at Nintendo New York at Rockefeller Plaza, which showed that many individuals were willing to stay in line despite physical hardship. OfficialCND stated: “It’s 10am today until 10am Friday, which amounts to 72 hours. This is the longest I’ve stayed in line without leaving.”

For more casual gamers, the wait time might feel extremely long. Those who are desperate to start playing Tears of the Kingdom at the earliest possible moment will be able to access the digital version at 9 PM PT on Thursday, May 11, as per Nintendo. But many still prefer tangible media when it comes to big releases. This gives them the satisfaction of being part of a group of fans, eagerly awaiting the chance to get their own copy.

The faithful followers of Tears of the Kingdom who had already downloaded the digital version of the game and were waiting outside Nintendo NY might have brought their Switch consoles in order to play the game Thursday night – surrounded by the other devoted fans. It is indisputable that there is rarely such a degree of anticipation in the gaming world. It is a tribute to Nintendo and the creators of Breath of the Wild for inspiring such dedication – or perhaps it is just that the classic Zelda dungeons have been restored.

The Tale of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom debuts solely for the Nintendo Switch on May 12th.